Hemlock Hoax, the Detective

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Hemlock Hoax, the Detective is an American silent movie released in 1910, produced by Lubin Pictures. Black & White.

Parodical story.

Survival status: unknown.



Plot summary / Review

The Moving Picture World, 16 april 1910, p. 613
  • The Moving Picture World, 16 april 1910, p. 613

HEMLOCK HOAX, THE DETECTIVE. — Hemlock Hoax thinks he can "put it all over" Sherlock Holmes, and his sleuthing is somewhat of a joke in the little tropical town where he lives. Two boys plan some fun at his expense and bring him the news of a terrible murder. Holmes is led to the scene of the crime and with measuring tape and magnifying glass proceeds to search for clues and material for deductions in the most approved detective fashion. He discovers a shred of cloth on a projecting branch and declares the murderer to be good as found. Like the human hound that he is, he starts hot upon the scent and finds a tramp wearing the garment from which the cloth was torn. The surprised tramp develops a burst of speed that is astonishing and Hoax makes a good second. Others aid the pursuit and they are led a merry cross-country chase that ends in the capture of the tramp by Hoax and a policeman they have picked up. The trembling tramp is led back to the scene of his atrocious crime and confronted with the body of his victim. Then, for the first time, Hoax discovers that the body is merely a dummy stuffed with leaves, and the small boys are properly punished, though not until the crowd has enjoyed a good laugh at the expense of the crestfallen Hoax.