Holmes Is Where the Heart Is

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Holmes Is Where the Heart Is (1984)

Holmes Is Where the Heart Is is the 18th episode of season 4 of the American series Magnum P.I., aired on 8 march 1984, starring Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum, John Hillerman as Jonathan Higgins, and Patrick Macnee as David Worth / Sherlock Holmes. 48 min.

Higgins is writing his memoirs about a former Sandhurst classmate, David Worth, who now thinks he is Sherlock Holmes, that his old friend John Higgins is Dr. Watson and that Victor Ching is Dr. Moriarty.

In the episode David Worth doesn't wear deerstalker or macfarlane, but he plays violin, smoke a curved pipe, uses a magnifying glass and uses disguises. He also uses the nickname Stanley Sigerson (Sigerson was the name used by Sherlock Holmes during his hiatus).



  • Thomas Magnum : Tom Selleck
  • Jonathan Higgins / Dr. Watson : John Hillerman
  • David Worth / Stanley Sigerson / Sherlock Holmes : Patrick Macnee
  • Victor Ching / Moriarty : George Kee Cheung
  • T.C. : Roger E. Mosley
  • Orville 'Rick' Wright : Larry Manetti
  • Hopkins : Maurice Roeves
  • Lever : Michael Billington
  • Agatha Chumley : Gillian Dobb
  • Hoon Ching : Danny Kamekona
  • Mrs. Akawi : Elizabeth Smith
  • Opium Pipe Salesman : Galen Kam
  • Vicar : Bruce Atkinson

  • Director : John Llewellyn Moxey
  • Producer : Donald P. Bellisario, Glen A. Larson
  • Screenplay : Judy Burns, Jay Huguely