Holmes for the Holidays: An Evening of Sherlock Holmes One Acts

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Holmes for the Holidays: An Evening of Sherlock Holmes One Acts is an American 2-act play written and directed by Cynthia Womack, and performed by the company The Actor's Collective of Monterey at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts Theatre (Carmel, CA, USA) in march and december 2015, starring Jeffrey T. Heyer as Sherlock Holmes and Clifford Gilkey as Dr. Watson. 90 minutes.

The story is an adaptation of the Conan Doyle's short stories: The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle and The Adventure of the Dying Detective.




Acts / Scenes

  • Act 1: Beginning with "The Case of The Blue Carbuncle" : During the Christmas holidays a war veteran hard-up for money brings a little case to Holmes purely to help another unfortunate. Holmes's deductions trigger surprising events that will change the veteran's fortunes—and Holmes's.
  • Act 2: "The Dying Detective" : Dr. Watson must deal with a fatally infected Holmes and a meeting between his now desperate and rapidly failing friend, and the learned Culverton Smith. Is the Great Detective meeting with his possible savior or having a showdown with a deadly enemy?


  • 7-8 march 2015 : Presented at the Western Stage's Springfest Studio Theater, Hartnell College (Salinas, CA, USA)
  • 20-21 march 2015 : Cherry Hall Theater, Carl Cherry Center for the Arts (Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, USA)
  • 4-13 december 2015 : idem.