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Sherlock Holmes (Einar Zangenberg) capturing a thief

Hotelmysterierne (The Hotel Mystery) is a Danish silent movie released on 7 february 1911, produced by Nordisk Film Co., starring Einar Zangenberg as Sherlock Holmes. 837 feet (255 meters). Black & White.

Other titles:

  • Hotelrotterne (The Hotel Rats)
  • Sherlock Holmes' sidste Bedrift (Sherlock Holmes' Last Exploits)
  • Hotel Thieves
  • Sherlock Holmes' Last Achievement

Survival status: Fragments kept at Danish Film Insitute (Det Danske Filminstitut).




  • Sherlock Holmes : Einar Zangenberg
  • The Villain : H. C. Nielsen
  • Other actor : Holger Pedersen (?), Carl Schenstrom (?)



  • 1. The hotel thief at work
  • 2. The hotel thief recognizes Sherlock Holmes and closes the chimney up
  • 3. Saved by burglars
  • 4. Outwitted again
  • 5. Sherlock Holmes as Alpine guide


The Movie Picture World (jan-jul 1911,. 1521)
  • The Moving Picture World, Vol. 8, january-july 1911, p. 1521

"Hotel Thieves" - (Great Northern) - This film affords sufficient excitement for once. Thieves are seen at work. Sherlock Holmes is engaged to run down the criminals, and the adventures that befall him are much more numerous and serious than is usually the case with this detective. But even though hurled from a train and subjected to much other unkind, not to say severe, treatment he succeeds in rolling the arch criminal over a precipice in Switzerland, half a world away.