House of Sherlock Holmes

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House of Sherlock Holmes is an article published in the Daily Mail on 25 october 1927, including a part of an interview with Arthur Conan Doyle.

House of Sherlock Holmes

Daily Mail (25 october 1927, p. 10)

Some Guides Point It Out, But Sir A. Conan Doyle Doesn't Know It.

Certain guides to visitors in London describe 122, Baker Street, in the western district, as the home of Sherlock Holmes; but they seem to know more about that than does Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the mythical detective.

It is true that Sir Arthur mentions Baker Street as the street in which Holmes lived, but he told the "Daily Mail" that he has not the faintest recollection of ever identifying him with No. 122.

"Really," he said, "I don't know at the moment where he lived; I believe it has been suggested that he lived at two or three addresses, but, of course, he didn't. If anyone wants to know where he lived show him Baker Street and say he lived there — that's the nearest you will ever get to it."