In Case of Invasion

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In Case of Invasion is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Times on 4 november 1914.

In Case of Invasion

The Times (4 november 1914)


Sir, — At the beginning of the war various bodies were formed under the above name, but on receiving an intimation from the War Office that they were not desired, they remained in a state of suspended animation. Drill and rifle practice are now being mourned. I should be thankful if you would permit me to say that any of these corps which were formed in consequence of my original letters upon the subject should communicate with the secretary of the Central Association of Volunteer Training Corps, Judge's Quadrangle, the Law Courts, W.C. This body has Lord Desborough for chairman and Sir O'Moore Creagh, V.C., as military adviser, with a strong representative committee. By affiliating with this all local corps will be able to form part of one great homogeneous body which should easily number half a million of men. Even, precaution is taken that the movement should only affect those for whom more active service is an absolute impossibility.

Yours faithfully,

Windlesham, Crowborough, Sussex.