In Memoriam

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In Memoriam (1883)

In Memoriam is a poem written by Arthur Conan Doyle in 1883 in Southsea.

The poem is an hommage to his uncle Richard ('Dicky') Doyle.

In Memoriam

Upon the death of Richard Doyle
the artist his body was conveyed
to his studio – where it lay
surrounded by his pictures, most
of which represented fairy subjects.

The little elves upon the walls
Cried, “What is this before us?
“Why should the Master lie so still,
“And why should he ignore us?
“Oh what is this, and why is this?”
They whispered in a chorus.

And one behind a heather ball,
A gentle nymph and slender
Said, “What if we have made him cross,
And I be the offender!”
“Nay, nay” they cried “he will not chide
“The Master's heart is tender”.