Insanity and Spiritualism

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Insanity and Spiritualism is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in the Daily Express on 22 september 1919.

Insanity and Spiritualism

Daily Express (22 september 1919, p. 4)

To the Editor of the "Daily Express."

Sir, — May I ask Mr. Griggs to quote any exact evidence or statistics on which he founds his assertion that there is a connection between spiritualism and insanity? Dr. Forbes Winslow made the same statement, but after fuller inquiry he had the manliness to make a complete refraction. I trust that Mr. Griggs will either do the same or will give some figures in support of his serious assertion.

I may say that my experience, which covers more than thirty years, is directly opposed to Mr. Griggs, and that I can only recall one case where a temporary derangement was associated with automatic writing. Since Mr. Griggs quotes his medical qualifications, I beg leave to sign myself.

M.D., C.M. Edin
Windlesham, Crowborough, Sussex.