James Braginton

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James Braginton

James Braginton (1888-1947) was a British employee of Samuelson who was hired as actor to play Sherlock Holmes in 1914 in A Study in Scarlet.

In 1914, producer G. B. Samuelson founded his own cinema company and hired director George Pearson. They decided their first movie would be a Sherlock Holmes one, so naturally they opted for A Study in Scarlet. They had to find an actor who look like the detective. Pearson wanted a famous actor with the Sidney Paget style. He found no one who fit, but he remembered an accountant of the Birmingham branch of the company who would be perfect. It was James Braginton.

Bioscope wrote Braginton and not Bragin(g)ton. See the movie's page for more infos.