Jonathan Small

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

Fictional character.

In the Sherlock Holmes Stories

  • Jonathan Small was one of The Four with which he stole the Agra treasure to the Rajah.


  • He was a poorly educated man, small, active, with his right leg off, and wearing a wooden stump. (SIGN 1093)
  • He was a middle-aged man, much sunburned, and has been a convict. (SIGN 1095)

Personal Life

  • Jonathan Small was an Englishman born near Pershore, Worcestershire, from a family of farmers (SIGN 2351).
  • At 18, he got into a mess over a girl, and could only get out of it again by taking the Queen's shilling and joining the 3rd Buffs, which was just starting for India.
  • He lose his right leg in the Ganges when a crocodile nipped it off just above the knee.
  • A few years later he was hired as an overseer to look after the coolies of an indigo-planter in Muttra in the Northwest provinces of India.
  • When the Indian mutiny occured, the plantation was destroyed and he left to Agra.
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