Kamil Larin show: Repeat

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Kamil Larin show: Repeat (2014)

The Kamil Larin show is a Russian TV show aired on 26 january 2014 on 1TV Channel where Vasily Livanov played Sherlock Holmes in a 4 minutes parodic sketch called Repeat.




  • Sherlock Holmes : Vasily Livanov
  • Dr. John Watson : ?
  • Mrs. Hudson : ?


  • Holmes: You know, Watson, this case was much more interesting than we expected. Everything started with a letter from FMS.
  • Watson: What the...
  • Holmes: From the Federal Migration Service. It says that there are over 200 people registered in this flat, and all of them are Holmes.
  • Watson: But how?
  • Holmes: It was an interesting question for me as well. Who and how would need to do such a thing? Except from Mrs. Hudson, who gets payment for the flat from 200 people.
  • Mrs. Hudson: You bitch, Mr. Holmes!
  • Holmes: No no, Mrs. Hudson, I excluded this version straight away. So I used my famous deductive method and here they are. American Holmes. It's elementary, Americans are looking for a superhero who would a) liquidate the criminals and b) won't wear this stupid underpants on top of pants. The next Holmes is from 21th century, a version for youths: when I go out, I load my gun, and he charges his iPhone.
  • Mrs. Hudson: Seriously, Holmes!
  • Holmes: Sorry. Watson, do you know what you are doing in this version? You write about me not in a diary, but on the Internet!
  • Mrs. Hudson: Mr. Holmes, I asked you not to use these swear words in my house
  • Holmes: Sorry. And this is Holmes from the "Russia" channel. I didn't have any rivals in his country for 34 years. Next year it will be 35, so a whole anniversary! Ehehehe!
  • Watson: Holmes, you are a genius!
  • Holmes: Watson, that's what I keep telling you! It's actually good this Holmes was aired on "Russia", because if it was on NTV...
  • Mrs. Hudson: Holmes, seriously!
  • Holmes: If we were on NTV, we would get rid of Mrs. Hudson right in the first episode.
  • Watson: And would inherit her flat!
  • Holmes: You good, mate. Every woman loves this Holmes. Nothing unusual. You know, it will be enough for me if just one woman would call me the best Holmes ever, and I guess the queen could be trusted in this question.

(translation by spiritcc.tumblr.com)