Le mythe Sherlock Holmes

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Le mythe Sherlock Holmes is a Swiss radio program broadcasted on sunday 11 may 2008 (and again on 26 april 2009) on Radio Suisse Romande Espace 2. Created by David Collin, directed by Bruno Séribat.


Le mythe Sherlock Holmes


  • Pierre Bayard : writer, psychoanalyst, teacher at university Paris VIII
  • Jacques Baudou : writer, critic, pataphysician, anthologist
  • Fabrice Bourland : writer
  • Vincent Delay : legal expert, curator of Lucens Museum, president of the Société d'études holmésiennes de la Suisse romande
  • Bob Garcia : writer, specialist of Tintin and Hergé
  • Paul Gayot : pataphysician, anthologist
  • François Hoff : professor of literature, president of the Evadés de Dartmoor, société strasbourgeoises d'Etudes Holmésiennes
  • Éric Poindron: writer, editor (Editions du Coq à l'âne, Reims)
  • Ferdinand T. Salverda : director of Sherlock Holmes Museum and Sauvage Parkhotel in Meiringen