Les Bricoleurs

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Les Bricoleurs (1963)

Les Bricoleurs (literally "The Handymen", but the American title was "Who Stole the Body?") is a French movie, directed by Jean Girault, released on 1 february 1963 in France, starring the two French comic actors Darry Cowl and Francis Blanche.

In the movie, the two friends are doing any jobs they find. When they are hired as real estate agents they discover a dead body in a house they need to sell to a rich English woman. In order to find the title of property of the dead owner, they decide to investigate the case as detectives. They call themselves Sherlock Holmes and Watson and find some convoluted deductions. Darry Cowl wears a deerstalker and a curved pipe.

Otherwise, the movie has nothing sherlockian.



Full movie

Darry Cowl is dressed as Sherlock Holmes between 12'30 and 14'30, and again between 1'10'10 and 1'10'22.