Letter about The Great Boer War

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia
Conan Doyle's letter (ca. 1900)

This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle before the publication of his book The Great Boer War first published on 23 october 1900 by Smith, Elder & Co..

The reference to "9 pounders should be 12 pounders on page 376", is from page 375 in a corresponding reference to Percy Scott's famous naval guns: "Besides these there were no fewer than sixteen naval guns from H.M.S. 'Terrible' – fourteen of which were 12-pounders, and the other two of the 4.7 type which had done such good service both at Ladysmith and with Methuen".


27 Rue des Batignolles
till Saturday evening

My dear Sir,

I shall be back on Sunday but I go on to Edinburgh straight. Shall let you have address there. Reform Club finds me Sunday.

I don't see what we can do about bringing out the book yet, though Mr Smith is keen upon it.

We know it cannot exceed the length you mentioned. Could we not have covers all ready and everything prepared to shorten the delay when once it is finished.

Mr Smith points out that 9 pounders should be 12 pounders on page 376. Could you change that for me.

Yours very truly,