Letter to Addison Irving Bacheller (6 december 1894)

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle on 6 december 1894 (the day before the dinner at the Aldine Club) to Irving Bacheller from The Aldine Club, New York, USA.


My dear Bacheller

If I'd known you had made any arrangement I'd have come at all costs. You can't think how much I have had to do in this last m week and I have been a little off colour as well. This is my last clear day. I shall be in the club at 10 tomorrow. We get aboard at 12. I don't think I shall do any travelling now, for my work has so accumulated.

With my kindest regards
Yours very truly
A. Conan Doyle

I will do some more Brigadier Gerard stories.