Letter to G. B. Burgin (ca. 1900)

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle circa 1900 from Undershaw, Hindhead, Haslemere, to George Brown Burgin (1856-1944) a novelist, critic and journalist.

Conan Doyle discusses his interest in the 'Corps of Riflemen' asking Burgin to write about it. The blue annotations are from Burgin.


Dear Burgin,

I shall be here for Xmas. I am rather tied by the interest which I take in the Corps of Riflemen — a real commando of burghers — which I am forming here. I already have 60 and hope to get 100. I hope it will be part of a great movement. You could not do better than come down some shooting day, say next Saturday, spend a day here, and write the movement up in the Express. If its is known about, it will find imitators which is what I want.

If you could make a paragraph to the effect that my relationship to Hornung had always prevented me from expressing in public the very high opinion which I have of the quality of his works, but that I had said in conversation (as I did to you) that I regareded "Peccavi" as a very fine and a very noble book, you would be doing us both a service.

I'll let you know any literary news which occur to me. With your inside knowledge your literary column should be the best in London.

Yours very truly

A. C. D.