Letter to Grant Richards (18 march 1903)

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This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle on 18 march 1903 from The Limes, Wallingford, Oxfordshire to his friend and book publisher Grant Richards (1872-1948).

In the letter, Conan Doyle wrote on behalf of his sister Bryan Mary Julia Josephine Doyle (aka Dodo) about her first book, The Episodes of Marge : Memoirs of a Humble Adventuress, under her pen name H. Ripley Cromarsh. The book was published the same year by Grant Richards.

The Limes in Wallingford was the place where Reverend Charles Cyril Angell and his wife Bryan Mary with their son Branford lived. Reverend Angel was the Curate at nearby North Stoke with Ipsden and Newnham Murren from 1903 until 1906.


March 18, 1903

My dear Grant Richards,

I happened to be here when your note came so I am answering it for my sister.

Those terms will do very well. I hope however you will see your way to having the book issued as soon as possible. Also I should like an assurance from you that you will really give it a good show in the advertising line.

My sister of course retains the power of serialising, if ever she saw a chance.

My sister proposes to write under a nom de plume. H. Ripley Cromarsh will be her name. I should have no objection however when the time comes for issuing the book that the critics and public should know that H. Ripley Cromarsh is my youngest sister.

You can send the agreement along.

Yours very truly,

Arthur Conan Doyle.

  • Source: Brian Pugh Collection.