Letter to Harry Price (30 september 1924)

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle on 30 september 1924 to Harry Price about Houdini and Hope.


September 30th, 1924.

Dear Mr. Price,

No, I do not take serious notice of any assertion of Houdini's about Davenport. Houdini told me of this alleged confession but I do not credit it.

I knew one brother was dead — his grave is at Sydney. I was not sure about Ira. He must be a very old man.

I fear I am too busy to hunt up the details about the film photograph, but they are all in print somewhere for I read them. Possibly Mrs. McKenzie can give you the reference.

I spoke to Hope last week — when with every precaution I had a successful photographic sitting. He bears no animus and would give you a sitting. The difficulty would he with Mrs. Buxton, who rightly or wrongly thinks that the incident contributed to the death of her son and is rather bitter about it. However you could no doubt find some way to make your peace. Then we can all meet once more on terms of perfect concord.

Yours sincerely,

A. Conan Doyle