Letter to Mr. Bryden (may 1897)

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle in may 1897 from hotel Claremont Grand Parade in Eastbourne, to Mr. Bryden.


Grand Parade

My dear Sir

I lost your address and sent a long letter to the Author's Club, but I daresay it hasn't reached you. Now I have found your address again. I am so sorry that I can't play on the 19th. By an extraordinary coincidence, it is the day when Barnes' literary team (which I usually captain) has its one annual match & I am under a permanent promise to play for them.

I wish you would come round to see us. Couldn't you come to a modest unceremonious no-dress dinner tomorrow (friday) evening. I don't know if there is a Mrs. Bryden. My wife is an invalid & cannot visit but we should be delighted to see Mrs. Bryden to dinner also if there is such a lady & if she will be unconventional.

Yours very truly

A Conan Doyle.