Letter to Mr. Denny (22 october 1918)

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle around 22 october 1918 [1] from Windlesham, Crowborough, to Mr. Henry Denny.

Henry Denny was the rector at St Giles Parish Church, Horstead Keynes, Sussex from 1918-1920. Mrs Benson mentioned in the letter is probably Mary Benson, the widow of the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Dear Mr Denny,

Many thanks. I really value letters from the Clergy. No, there is no reason for a gulf unless the church makes it. I do all I can to keep spiritualists as conservative as possible. We preach (or rather 'they' do) that it is wiser to harp upon those aspects of Xanity [2] on which we can all cordially agree, the facts rather than the mysteries.

I am very interested about Mrs. Benson.

Yours sincerely

Arthur Conan Doyle

[ Author of "The New Revelation," &c, &c. ]

  • Acknowledgments to Brian W. Pugh.

  1. According to the date on the paper where the letter was glued.
  2. i.e. Christianity