Letter to editor about Oscar Slater manuscript (2 may)

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle on 2 may [1925~1930] from Bignell Wood (Minstead, Lyndhurst, Hants) probably to Ernest W. Oaten, Editor of "The Two Worlds" (see next letter from 4 may on the same topic).


Dear Sir

I am annoyed at your treatment of the Oscar Slater MS [1] which I sent you. The matter could have been decided in a day or two and you have taken six weeks, adding to this unhappy man's sufferings to that extent. At your (your firm's) request I had a KC's opinion on the MS for which I paid ten guineas. Finally it is sent back on the absurd pretext that Judge Parry, who has nothing to do with the matter, cannot read an MS which anyone can read in a couple of hours. I do not see how you can justify such a transaction and I feel very strongly for the sake of the prisoner.

Yours faithfully
Arthur Conan Doyle.

May 2.

  1. MS = Manuscript.