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Literature and Science is an article published in the Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle on 28 april 1888.

Report of the lecture by Arthur Conan Doyle about the 19th annual report of the Portsmouth Literary and Scientific Society held at the Portsmouth Guildhall on 24 april 1888.

Literature and Science

Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle (28 april 1888, p. 6)

The nineteenth annual meeting of the Society was held at the Guildhall, High-street, Portsmouth, on Tuesday evening, when the chair was occupied by the President (Mr. J. Hay), and the company included Lieutenant-Colonel J. E. Taylor, Captain R. Jackson, R.N., Dr. B. H. Mumby, Messrs. Hugh S. Maclauchlan, W. Weston, G. Ollis, J. R. Constantine, C. Foran, R. East, J. H. Ball, M. Hyde, A. Howell, Dr. A. Conan Doyle and Dr. J. Ward Cousins (Hon. Secretaries), and Mr. G. F. Bell (Secretary.) — Dr. CONAN DOYLE, one of the Hon. Secretaries, read the nineteenth annual report, which was as follows:—

The Council have much pleasure at the close of the 19th session in presenting their report to the members of the Society, and in expressing their hearty thanks to the retiring President (James Hay, Esq.), for the very able manner in which he has presided at the meetings, and for the instructive and interesting remarks with which he has favoured the Society at the termination of each paper read during the Session. During the past year the Society has elected twenty-two new members, while three only have retired. The total number residing in the neighbourhood amounts now to one hundred and twenty. The Council regrets, however, to mention that one of their oldest members, Major-General J. Playfair, C.B., R.E., has been removed by death. The past session is a memorable one as marking the removal of the Society from their room in Penny-street to the Guildhall which offers a more central and commodious position. For this change the Council desires to express its cordial thanks to the Mayor (A. Addison, Esq.), and to the Municipal Authorities, who have so kindly put their Chamber at the disposal of the Society. Another change of importance has been the removal of the Society's Library to Mr. Birch's, in Marmion-road. This change was necessitated by the retirement from business of Mr. A. Mills, but the Council is glad to learn from the members that the present arrangements have given every satisfaction. In conclusion, the Council are glad to mention that the financial condition of the Institution is satisfactory, and that after defraying all expenses a balance remains in the hands of the Treasurer. The receipts had amounted to £123 17s. 4d., of which there was a balance remaining in hand of £18 1s. 4d. Captain JACKSON moved the adoption of the report and balance-sheet, and that was seconded by Lieut.-Colonel J. E. TAYLOR. — The PRESIDENT, in the course of a few remarks upon the report, mentioned that they had not only sustained a loss by the death of General Playfair but by the loss of Professor Du Chaumont at Netley. — The report was adopted unanimously. — Mr. HUGH S. MACLAUCHLAN proposed a vote of thanks to the retiring President, who had filled the chair during the session with great ability. — The vote was seconded by Mr. OLLIS, and was supported by Dr. J. WARD COUSINS, one of the Hon. Secretaries, who remarked that they had never had a better or more efficient President. — The vote was carried with acclamation, and Mr. HAY, in response, said he rejoiced that their Society had been duly acknowledged by their obtaining the use of that hall, and that he had been able to introduce so many new members. — Mr. M. HYDE proposed a vote of thanks to the officers and the readers of the papers, which was seconded by Mr. EAST and carried unanimously, as also was a vote of thanks to the Press. — On the subject of introducing ladies as members to the Society, Mr. A. HOWELL proposed that the alteration in the rules should be such as to allow the change to be effected, — Captain JACKSON seconded the resolution, which, after some discussion, was carried by eight to five votes. — The officers elected for next year were as follows:— Presidents: W. H. Axford, Esq., M.B., M.R.C.S. Vice-Presidents: The Mayor of Portsmouth (A. Addison, Esq.), A. W. Jerrard, Esq., M.A., J. Ollis, Esq., R.N., and B. J. Guillemard, Esq., M.D. Council: J. H. Ball, Esq., Assoc. R.I.B.A., H. Percy Boulnois, Esq., C. Foran, Esq., W. G. P. Gilbert, Esq., A. Howell, Esq., Captain Jackson, R.N., Hugh S. Maclauchlan, Esq., H. Moncreaff, Esq., B. H. Mumby, Esq., M.D., George Ollis, Esq., R.E.C.S., Lieut.-Colonel J. E. Taylor, and J. Watson, Esq., M.D. Honorary Treasurer: G. Long, Esq., J.P. Honorary Secretaries: J. Ward Cousins, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.S., and A. Conan Doyle, Esq., M.D., C.M.