London County Defeat M.C.C.

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London County Defeat M.C.C. is a cricket result published in The Sporting Life on 5 may 1904.

First-class match. Arthur Conan Doyle's team (M.C.C.) lost.

London County Defeat M.C.C.

The Sporting Life (5 may 1904, p. 4)



Dr. W. G. Omen was a happy was yesterday afternoon, when London County defeats M.C.C. and Ground, at Lord's, by seven wickets. This result was chiefly due to the excellent bowling of the Leicestershire amateur. W. W. Odell, who, after dismissing seven batsmen for 41 runs in the first innings, followed this up by taking seven wickets for 62 in the second. The work he did yesterday morning was more brilliant than these figures would lead one to suppose, as from the resumption of the game, at 11.45, to the end of the M.C.C. innings he dismissed five batsmen for only 19 runs. Twelve runs were knocked off him before he managed to meet Captain Wynyard with a ball which pitched on the leg and middle, and upset the off stump. Then he captured other three wickets for only 1 run. At this time the batsmen seemed neither able to judge the flight of the ball nor the break, while he varied his pace cleverly without altering his action.

There was another factor which contributed largely towards the visitors' success. This was the steady sound batting of Knight, the Leicestershire professional, and Dr. L. O. S. Poidevin. They became partners when C. J. B. Wood played on to Hearne, with the score standing at 71, and London County wanted 126 to win. The batsmen plodded along slowly for a time, neither running the slightest risk. On getting set both played capital cricket Knight's cutting behind point and placing through the slips was clean and accurate, and he drove hard to the off between cover-point and mid-off. Poidevin also drove well on the off-side, and put plenty of power into his cutting, which was mostly square. One of these strokes went straight to C. E. de Trafford, at point, at a terrific pace, but the fieldsman failed to hold it.

As will be remembered, when play ceased on Tuesday M.C.C. and Ground had scored 120 in their second innings for the loss of four wickets, and, as they had made 89 to their opponents' 79 in the first, they thus possessed a lead of 130 runs. The weather was fine, though the attendance was rather small, when, at 11.45 a.m., Captain E. G. Wynyard (61) and Sir A. Conan Doyle (19), the overnight not-outs, resumed their innings. The attack was entrusted to W. W. Odell (Pavilion end) and Vine. The bowling being good, and the fielding keen, runs came slowly. Singles ruled until Doyle got Vine to leg for 4, and then off-drove him to the boundary; but a few minutes later he returned one very tamely to that bowler. The partnership had added 62 runs to the score. Wynyard soon followed the creator of "Sherlock Holmes" to the Pavilion, being completely beaten by a bail from Odell, which broke away. The Hampshire batsman had taken two hours and thirty-flee minutes to compile his 75. He made his runs in faultless style, playing all round the wicket with freedom and power. His chief hits were five 4's, eight 3's, and five 2's. The end came quickly after this. Odell played skittles with the wickets. Doll was caught by Douglas at third man, Gay taken by Murdoch at mid-on, and Randall clean bowled, the while Gilman hit a single off him. J. T. Hearne was responsible for 6 before Odell broke through his guard, and brought the innings to a close, J. Gilman carrying his bat for a serviceable 21. The hour and ten minutes' batting realised 66 runs altogether, and the whole innings lasted 3 hours 10 min.

London County were left with 197 to win. They began their task of trying to get them at 1.10 p.m. with the two veterans — W. G. Grace and W. L. Murdoch. Hearne, from his favorite end, and J. Randall from the Nursery and, shared the bowling. The spectators, who had increased considerably in numbers, waited anxiously to see if "W. G." was going to join the ranks of "spectacle realms." Their fears were soon set at rest. He played a maiden over from Hearne, but when the Middlesex professional started the next his second delivery was put between cover-slip and third man for a single. The run was greeted with applause. Murdoch was the first to go, being brilliantly caught by Wynyard at short slip. The two "W.'s" scored 43 for the first wicket. A few minutes later "W. G." also fell a victim to Wynyard, who took the catch low down in the slips. In fact, the ball was so near the ground that the visiting captain thought it had touched it, and appealed to the umpire on the point. The decision was against him. Tarrant had been the bowler on each occasion. Knight then joined C. J. B. Wood, and they carried the score from 55 to 71, when Wood played on the outside of a fast break-back from Hearne, and pulled it into his wicket.

Knight had gone in at 3.5 p.m., and when Wood was out at 3.20 p.m., Poidevin became his partner. The pair defied all the changes of bowling — and they were many — from this moment until, at 4.5 p.m., Knight made the winning hit by placing one from Randall to leg for 2. They scored their 127 runs in an hour and a half, and, except for the hard chance Poidevin gave De Trafford, neither made the slightest mistake. Both played steadily; but they never allowed a loose ball to escape, and there was no "ballooning." Knight's 76 included thirteen 4's, one 3, and three 2's. Scores:—


First Innings.

  • Captain E. G. Wynyard run out ... 15
  • C. E. de Trafford c Poidevin b Vine ... 37
  • Tarrant b Odell ... 13
  • Newstead b Odell ... 1
  • G. L. Jessop c Robson b Odell ... 0
  • L. H. Gay b Odell ... 0
  • J. Gilman c Stuart b Vine ... 1
  • C. C. T. Doll b Odell ... 1
  • Sir A. Conan Doyle not out ... 10
  • J. Randall b Odell ... 0
  • J. T. Hearne b Odell ... 0
  • Byes, &c. ... 11
  • Total ... 89

Second Innings.

  • Captain E. G. Wynyard b Odell ... 75
  • C. E. de Trafford b Odell ... 8
  • Tarrant c Robson b Odell ... 9
  • Newstead c Vine b Douglas ... 18
  • G. L. Jessop c Vine b Grace ... 0
  • L. H. Gay c Murdoch b Odell ... 1
  • J. Gilman not out ... 21
  • C. C. T. Doll c Douglas b Odell ... 4
  • Sir A. Conan Doyle c and b Vine ... 31
  • J. Randall b Odell ... 0
  • J. T. Hearne b Odell ... 6
  • B 10 l-b 2 n-b 1 ... 13
  • Total ... 186


  • W. G. Grace c Newstead b Hearne ... 0
  • W. L. Murdoch b Tarrant 17
  • C. J. B. Wood b Tarrant ... 17
  • Knight hit wkt b Hearne ... 0
  • L. O. S. Poidevin b Hearne ... 18
  • Sewell st Gay b Hearne ... 1
  • P. W. G. Stuart b Hearne ... 0
  • J. H. Douglas b Hearne ... 0
  • Vine not out ... 16
  • C. Robson c Wynyard b Tarrant ... 6
  • W. W. Odell b Tarrant ... 0
  • Byes &c. ... 4
  • Total ... 79

In the second innings W. G. Grace scored c Wynyard b Tarrant 34, W. L. Murdoch c Wynyard b Tarrant 12, C. J. B. Wood b Hearne 16, Knight not out 76, L. O. S. Poidevin not out 48; b 12. — Total (for three wickets, 198.


M.C.C. — First Innings.

O. M. R. W.
W. W. Odell 19.4 7 41 7
Vine 19 4 37 2

Second Innings.

O. M. R. W.
Odell 30.3 9 62 7
Vine 26 4 69 1
Douglas 11 3 22 1
Grace 7 2 20 1

Douglas bowled a no-ball.

LONDON COUNTY C.C. — First Innings.

O. M. R. W.
Hearne 18 3 51 6
Tarrant 17.2 4 24 4

Second Innings.

O. M. R. W.
Hearne 26 5 48 1
Tarrant 20 5 53 2
Jessop 7 31
Newstead 3 1 14
Randall 9 1 40

Umpires, Carlin and Pike.