Lyn Harding

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Lyn Harding as Professor Moriarty in The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes (1935)

Lyn Harding (12 october 1876 - 26 december 1952) was a British actor who played Dr. Grimesby Rylott in 1910 and 1911 in the Arthur Conan Doyle's play : The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes.

On the screen, he played Professor Moriarty in 2 movies (The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes and Silver Blaze) in 1935-1937 with Arthur Wontner (Holmes). He played also Dr. Grimesby Roylott in The Speckled Band with Raymond Massey (Holmes).


Lyn Harding as himself and as Dr. Grimesby Rylott
(The Graphic, 29 october 1921, p. 14)

About his role as Dr. Grimesby Rylott, he told to The Stage (29 september 1910) :

« My study of Dr. Rylott was founded upon a man I knew years ago. A tremendous fellow he was — a perfect god of a man, as splendid mentally as he was in every other respect. I was fascinated by him. Then, as the result of fevers and other ailments from which he suffered in the colonies, his nerves began to break down. Partial paralysis set in, and the poor fellow became a wreck and died. Well, in my Dr. Rylott I copied that man to the life — every twitch of his muscles, every start and every shiver I reproduced but my conception of the part was entirely different from that of the author. »