Mayfield v. Mr. F. H. Gresson's XI

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Mayfield v. Mr. F. H. Gresson's XI is a cricket result published in The Kent & Sussex Courier on 12 july 1912.

Result was a draw.

Mayfield v. Mr. F. H. Gresson's XI

The Kent & Sussex Courier (12 july 1912, p. 4)

This match was played at the Grange, Crowborough, on Wednesday. Score:—

MAYFIELD. — W B Keywood b Gresson 24; A Humphrey c Jones b Gresson 4; F H Nias b Lloyd 19; C V Dier c Lloyd b Conan Doyle 18; H R Kirby c and b Proctor 36; C J Coker lbw b Lloyd 1; E T B Coppard b Gresson 14; S Markwick not out 39; G Morris not out 10; extras 1; total (for 7 wickets) 200. R T Lade and W Brown did not bat.

MR. GRESSON'S XI. — G Proctor b Humphrey 1; W H Ramsbotham 9; W L Donaldson b Markwick 1; F H Gresson b Humphrey 0; H B Lloyd c Keywood b Markwick 10; D M Greenaway lbw b Humphrey 6, Sir A Conan Doyle b Warkwick 0; H P Jepps c Dier b Markwick 10; J R Jones st Dier b Humphrey 0; A H Powell not out 12; R F Hill c Keywood b Markwick 0; extras 7; total 58.