Mr. Whoops, the Detective

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The Moving Picture World, 20 january 1912, p. 202
The Moving Picture World, 13 january 1912, p. 133

Mr. Whoops, the Detective is an American silent movie released on 8 january 1912 (in USA), produced by Comet Film Co. Black & White.

Survival status: unknown.


  • Mr. Whoops : unknown
  • Sherlock Holmes : unknown
  • Duke : unknown
  • Duchess : unknown
  • Tony : unknown
  • Tom : unknown

Plot summary

The Moving Picture World, 6 january 1912, p. 68
  • The Moving Picture World, 6 january 1912, p. 68

MR. WHOOPS, THE DETECTIVE (Jan. 8). - Mr. Whoops is a milliner detective, and for a long time has little to do in the sleuth line. He is a personal friend of the great Sherlock Holmes and invariably follows his methods In unraveling crime. Mr. Holmes receives a case. It is to run to earth a band of kidnappers which has stole "the darling" of a Duke and Duchess who visit a fashionable summer resort. The little one has been placed in the care of a negligent maid an the disappearance of the little one raises a c... all over the place. Mr. Holmes tries his utmost to find the missing one, but is unsuccessful; so he suggests to the Duke and Duchess to employ Mr. Whoops, which they readily do. Whoops has his own idea of how the kidnappers should be captured. It is needless to say that they a... most absurd and rather impossible. He undergoes a lot of deductions entailing humorous adventures and mishaps. But in the end he reaches a clue and eventually restores the "darling" to the distracted Duke and Duchess. The "darling" turns out to be a plain, but educated monkey.


The Moving Picture World, 20 january 1912, p. 205
  • The Moving Picture World, 20 january 1912, p. 205

"MR. WHOOPS, THE DETECTIVE" (Comet), January 8. - A burlesque detective story in which Whoops, not unlike the Biograph's sleuths, tries to capture Tony and Tom, who have kidnapped the "pet" of a noble house. Whoops comes in contact with the thugs, but each time they relieve him of all his valuables. The pet turns out to be a monkey. There are parts of the picture that are amusing. It has some very well-made pictures of the beach, with a good sea rolling.