Murder by Death

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Murder by Death (1976)
Keith McConnell (Holmes) & Richard Peel (Watson)

Murder by Death is an American movie released on 23 june 1976, produced by Columbia Pictures. This movie is not sherlockian but Sherlock Holmes and Watson appears in the tag scene (after credits). The tag scene last 82 seconds. The scene was cut for theatrical release (because of licensing issues) but reinstated for US TV broadcast. Sherlock Holmes (Keith McConnell) and Watson (Richard Peel) are driving to the Twain's manor for dinner but too late...


  • Tess Skeffington : Eileen Brennan
  • Lionel Twain : Truman Capote
  • Milo Perrier : James Coco
  • Sam Diamond : Peter Falk
  • Bensonmum : Alec Guinness
  • Jessica Marbles : Elsa Lanchester
  • Dick Charleston : David Niven
  • Sidney Wang : Peter Sellers
  • Dora Charleston : Maggie Smith
  • Yetta : Nancy Walker
  • Nurse Withers : Estelle Winwood
  • Marcel : James Cromwell
  • Willie Wang : Richard Narita


  • Director : Robert Moore
  • Screenplay : Neil Simon
  • Producers : Ray Stark, Roger M. Rothstein
  • Music : Dave Grusin



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