Mycroft's Map

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Mycroft's Map (PC)

Mycroft's Map is a logic video game developed and published by Everett Kaser on 22 march 2018 on PC.

Editor's description

Sherlock's older and smarter brother, Mycroft Holmes, has been spending his holiday in the countryside, but has been kidnapped by the ever-present Professor Moriarty. He's sketched out an encoded map of the location of his imprisonment and smuggled it out in the pouch of a Carrier Kangaroo, a small and little-known species that plagues old houses in northern Scotland. Can you help Sherlock locate his brother and save the day? Do you still draw breath? Does your finger still twitch on your mouse? Are there NO signs of intelligent life south of the Canadian border? The licensed version contains over 300 different maps with each map giving more puzzles than you can shake a possum at. You must use the graphical clues to deduce which images are located in which areas and in which connections. Can you keep from getting lost, even with a map at hand?


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