Norwood v. The Gentlemen of Holland

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Norwood v. The Gentlemen of Holland is a cricket score result published in The Norwood News on 11 august 1894.

Result was a draw.

Norwood v. The Gentlemen of Holland

The Norwood News (11 august 1894, p. 7)

The first match of the Dutch Cricketers' Tour in this country was played on Monday last at the Pavilion Grounds, and, notwithstanding the threatening weather, attracted a large number of spectators. The ground was so wet with the overnight rain that play was impossible until quite 12 o'clock, and the visitors, winning the toss, went in to bat on an easy wicket, besides the bowlers having to bowl with a wet ball. The Dutchmen were all out for 134, Posthuma playing a hard-hitting innings of 55, being lucky in some uppish strokes falling just out of harm's way. Schröder played in good form for his 25, but was out lbw trying to pull a ball of Hallam's to leg, apparently a favourite Dutch stroke. On Norwood going in, the result was soon placed beyond doubt, Dr. Conan Doyle and Hallam playing with confidence, and putting on 86 before the latter was taught. Rogers came in and the score was raised to 126 before Doyle was splendidly caught by Solomon at third man. The doctor played a good innings, though he was several times beaten by de Haas. The only other feature of the Norwood innings was the spirited batting of Donald Gillespie, who, with Elborough, added 35 runs for the ninth wicket. The Dutch total was passed before the third wicket fell. Tromp de Haas is a good bowler: Weiss and Posthuma have plenty of break on their bowling, but pitch their ball too short, thus giving the batsmen time to see them. The Dutchmen all field smartly, and have the making of a good team, and no doubt will improve greatly after some practice on English wickets, having been accustomed to play on cocoa-nut matting in Holland. Score:—


First innings.

  • E. Hoëffelman, run out ... 5
  • J. C. Schröder, lbw, b Hallam ... 25
  • W. B. Solomon, b Montezuma ... 10
  • J. E. Weiss, b Montezuma ... 0
  • C. J. Posthuma, c Doyle, b Rogers ... 55
  • E. Bourlier, b Rogers ... 9
  • P. R. Tromp de Haas, c Doyle, b Rogers ... 0
  • W. F. Proost, c Goold, b Rogers ... 0
  • J. W. F. van den Bosch, c Gillespie, b Montezuma ... 3
  • J. Hisgen, b Rogers ... 6
  • L. J. van Erp Taalman Kip, not out ... 8
  • Extras ... 13
  • Total ... 134

Second innings.

  • E. Hoëffelman, c Lond, b Gillespie ... 1
  • J. C. Schröder, c Goodwin, b Gillespie ... 0
  • W. B. Solomon, c Goodwin, b Gillespie ... 0
  • J. E. Weiss, c Checkland, b Elborough ... 24
  • C. J. Posthuma, c Lond, b Rogers ... 6
  • E. Bourlier, b Elborough ... 21
  • P. R. Tromp de Haas, not out ... 2
  • Extras ... 0
  • Total (6 wkts.) ... 54


  • A. Conan Doyle, c Solomon, b Weiss ... 64
  • F. S. Hallam, c Posthuma, b Weiss ... 36
  • S. Mogen, b de Haas ... 24
  • L. de Montezuma, b de Haas ... 3
  • A. Goodwin, c Solomon, b Posthuma ... 0
  • C. A. V. Checkland, c Schroder, b Posthuma ... 2
  • A. Springett, c de Haas, b Posthuma ... 0
  • J. R. Goold, b de Haas ... 0
  • J. D. Gillespie, b Weiss ... 29
  • W. C. Elborough, not out ... 16
  • F. Lond, b Taalman Kip ... 0
  • Extras ... 16
  • Total ... 190