Notecard about lecture tour in north Europe (20 june 1929)

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia
Photos courtesy © Ted Bergman collection.

This notecard was written by Arthur Conan Doyle on 20 june 1929 about the planning of his lecture tour in Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden.


Dear Sir

I am making every effort to come. I speak at The Hague and Rotterdam on Oct 15 and 18. Then I do Denmark — date not fixed. I should reach Sweden towards the end of October.

I fear my American book would have few readers. If you care to do it you can have it free. I should have thought my two small books, "The New Revelation" and "The Vital Message" would have had a wider appeal and be more useful. I will send you copies. Those also you can do free.

We have the same difficulties everywhere. So had the early Christians. But they won.

Yours sincerely,
A Conan Doyle.

What about translating the enclosed open letter only just out there.

June 20