O Xangô de Baker Street (movie)

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O Xangô de Baker Street (2001)

O Xangô de Baker Street is a Brazilian movie released on 26 octobre 2001, produced by Sky Light Cinema Foto e Art Ltd. and distributed by Columbia TriStar Films, starring Joaquim de Almeida as Sherlock Holmes and Anthony O'Donnell as Dr. Watson. 120 min.

The plot is based on the Jô Soares' novel : O Xango de Baker Street or A Samba for Sherlock (1995). Jo Soares appears in the movie, briefly as a judge. The movie has been shot during 12 weeks in London, Rio de Janeiro and in Portugal.

Other title: The Xango from Baker Street (International).


Plot summary

The action takes place in Rio de Janeiro in 1886 and begins with the theft of a Stradivarius violin that had to be a gift from the Emperor of Brazil to one of his mistresses. An harmless crime in itself, but that defies the authorities and, more importantly, greatly embarrassed the emperor. On the advice of Sarah Bernhardt, touring in South America, Sherlock Holmes is asked to come from London to resolve this case. But during his travel, the events took a wrong turn, as a series of horrible murders plague the brazilian capital - all the victims are young beautiful women. In each case, the killer leaves his signature: a piece of skin ripped off, and a violin string tangled in pubic hair of the victims. Holmes and Watson go immediately on the trail of the killer, but the famous power of deduction of the detective doesn't help. Distracted by the charm of the tropics, digestive upset and the features of a very pretty actress, Holmes finds himself in a much thicker fog than London one...


  • Sherlock Holmes : Joaquim de Almeida
  • Dr. Watson : Anthony O'Donnell
  • Sarah Bernhardt : Maria de Medeiros
  • Inspector Mello Pimenta : Marco Nanini
  • Baron Maria Luíza : Cláudia Abreu
  • Emperor Pedro II : Cláudio Marzo
  • Dr. Saraiva : Emiliano Queiroz
  • Esperidiana : Letícia Sabatella
  • Judge : Jô Soares
  • Marquess of Salles : Marcello Antony
  • Miguel : Caco Ciocler
  • Ana : Thalma de Freitas
  • Freira : Denise del Cueto
  • Dr. Saraiva : Emiliano Queiroz
  • Victim #2 : Maria Ribeiro
  • Victim #3 : Christine Fernandes
  • Haroldo : Ary França
  • Pai-de-santo : Clementino Kelé
  • Policeman : André Mattos
  • Empress Teresa Cristina : Martha Overbeck
  • Tailor : Antonio Pedro
  • Mukumbe : Antônio Pompêo


  • Director : Miguel Faria Jr.
  • Screenplay : Miguel Faria Jr., Patrícia Melo
  • Producer : Tino Navarro
  • Cinematography : Lauro Escorel
  • Music : Edu Lobo