Oscar Dove: Letters to Sherlock

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Oscar Dove: Letters to Sherlock (2018)

Oscar Dove: Letters to Sherlock is an American play, written by C. P. Stancich and directed by Madge Montgomery and Munam Goodwin, performed by the Theater Company of Lafayette at the Mary Miller Theater (Lafayette, CO, USA) from 2 to 24 march 2018, starring Julie Talty as Sherlock Holmes and Simon Skaran as Dr. Watson.

Oscar Dove, a close friend of the famed detective, Sherlock Holmes, has been summoned to a remote ranch in an unforgiving part of Alberta, Canada. When he arrives, with his cockney side-kick Busby and ex-outlaw Texas Jack Vermillion in tow, Dove discovers that his host is missing. A raging blizzard has trapped them all in the house with an odd assortment of suspicious characters. Meanwhile, Dove's mentor, Sherlock Holmes along with Doctor Watson, are trying desperately to reach Dove to warn him of looming danger


© Photos : Kari Chilson, Brian Miller.


  • Sherlock Holmes : Julie Talty
  • Dr. Watson : Simon Skaran
  • Oscar Dove : Don Thumim
  • Busby : Eleanor Sockrider
  • Texas Jack Vermillion : Louis Clark
  • Four Officials : Max Tomas
  • Amsted : Madelin Cover
  • Edward Bishop : Dean Espittalier
  • Francis : Anthony Rooney
  • Rowdy Annie : Kay Robbins
  • Irene : Lauren Griffith/Munam Goodwin
  • Sapphire : Hannah Richards
  • Clotilde : Kathryn Chovanes
  • Mrs. Cates : Judy Carlson