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22 May 1859, Edinburgh M.D., Kt, D.L., LL.D., Sportsman, Writer, Poet, Politician, Justicer, Spiritualist Crowborough, 7 July 1930


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There are hundred adaptations of the Conan Doyle stories and so thousands of performers on screen, stage, radio or even video games.

The list and galleries are not exhaustive, but they are in constant progress.

Conan Doyle as a character

Arthur Conan Doyle 68 performers Gallery

Real persons as a characater

Name Link with ACD List
Charles Altamont Doyle Father 2 performers
Mary Josephine Foley (The Ma'am) Mother 1 performers
Louisa Hawkins 1st Wife 6 performers
Jean Leckie 2nd Wife 7 performers
Constance Doyle Sister 1 performers
Mary Louise Conan Doyle Daughter 1 performers
Kingsley Conan Doyle Son 2 performers
Joseph Bell Professor 6 performers
Alfred H. Wood Secretary 6 performers
George Edalji Case 13 performers

Non-Sherlockian characters


Characters List Gallery
Professor Challenger 15 performers Gallery
Brigadier Gerard 6 performers Gallery
Gregory Brewster 3 performers

Sherlockian characters


Characters List Gallery
Sherlock Holmes 322 performers Gallery
John H. Watson 227 performers Gallery
Mrs. Hudson 53 performers Gallery
Professor Moriarty 44 performers Gallery
Mycroft Holmes 17 performers Gallery
Lestrade 42 performers Gallery
Irene Adler 19 performers Gallery

Misc. List Gallery
Parodic performers 9 performers