Plea for Divorce Reform

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Plea for Divorce Reform is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in the Daily Express on 1 november 1920.

Plea for Divorce Reform

Daily Express (1 november 1920, p. 4)

To the Editor of the "Daily Express."

Sir, — Might I ask you to do what you can, through your influential journal, to promote the Bill for the reform of divorce, and to defeat the present attempt by the ecclesiastical opponents of the Bill, who repreent a section of the population, to intimidate members of Parliament by threatening letters and resolutions which give quile a false view of public opinion upon the matter.

It is admitted that every Church has a right to impose its laws upon its own members, but this is an attempt on the part of clericals to dictate to the general public and to encroach upon civil rights.

It must end as all such attempts have ended in the past, but in the meantime many sufferers are wearing out their lives waiting for a belated justice.

I beg, sir, that you will help us, and by your counsel and support strengthen the hands of the members upon whom organised pleasure has been put.

Pres. Divorce Law Reform Union.
Windlesham, Crowborough, Sussex.