Press v. Authors

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Press v. Authors is a cricket result published in The Sporting Life on 18 september 1896.

Result was a draw.

Press v. Authors

The Sporting Life (18 september 1896, p. 4)

This annual fixture was played at Lord's yesterday (Thursday) and resulted in a draw greatly in favour of the Authors. The Authors (who had in their ranks the eminent litterateurs, Dr. A. Conan Doyle and Mr. J. M. Barrie batted first. The former and Mr. C. A. Tyssen opened their innings, and from the outset fairly got the upper hand of the bowling, putting on runs at a rare rate considering the dreadfully sudden turf. Before they were parted the total reached 178, of which number Tyssen, who was the only batsman of the side who lost his wicket, subscribed a fine 97. Dr. Conan Doyle very practically showed that he can uphold that which he preaches and exalts with his play by scoring a free and dashing innings of 101 not out. With the total at 116 the innings was declared closed. The Press men opened well, and, principally by aid of Groves hitting six 4's in the first few overs — by the way, his innings stopped at that — 34 was registered in a quarter of an hour. Subsequently matters went all against them, and they were lucky to make a drawn game of it. Score:—


  • A. Conan Doyle, not out ... 101
  • C. A. Tyssen, c Jones, b Groves ... 97
  • G. H. Duckworth, not out ... 8
  • Byes, &c. ... 10
  • Total ... 216*

(*) Innings declared closed.

H. A. Holt, G. C. Ives (captain), J. M. Barrie, W. H. White, R. Bennett, E. H. Tottenham, A. Oppenheimer, and J. Davidson did not bat.


  • G. Groves, c Duckworth, b Ives ... 24
  • H. B. Smith, c and b Holt ... 18
  • H. V. Jones, c Tysson, b Conan Doyle ... 17
  • G. Bull, b Holt ... 0
  • H. Preston, not out ... 12
  • W. Beare, b Conan Doyle ... 0
  • S. J. Setherton, b Holt ... 2
  • J. Ban, not out ... 3
  • Byes, &c. ... 5
  • Total (for six wkts.) ... 81

Edwards and E. R. Ward did not bat.