Professor Challenger and The Disintegration Machine

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Professor Challenger and The Disintegration Machine is an American short movie, adapted, produced and directed by Ross K. Foad (No Place Like Holmes), released on 29 april 2019 (on Youtube), starring Martin W. Payne as Professor George Edward Challenger, Fergus Foster as Edward Malone and Wesley Lloyd as Theodore Nemur.

The movie is an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's short story : The Disintegration Machine (1929).

Differences with the original story :

  • Theodore Nemur instead Theodore Nemor; and McCardle instead McArdle
  • The hairs of Challenger are changed in blond rather than bald
  • Challenger was not wearing a kilt and an pink hat !
  • Sherlock Holmes and the ambassadors are not in the original story


© Photos : Ross K. Foad.