Queen's Gambit

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Queen's Gambit (PC)

Queen's Gambit is a logic video game developed and published by Everett Kaser on 7 may 2016 on PC/Mac.

The game has several characters from Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories.

Editor's description

The Queen is throwing a party in the enchanting Honeycomb Palace, with small parties of seven diners in each room. Sherlock is hot on Moriarty's trail, and has arranged to be seated in the same room. Can you locate where all the diners (each represented by a different image) are seated?

Queen's Gambit is a game of logic and deduction. It provides 15,000 puzzles in each of eight sizes and two types (the above is a small size 3 puzzle in its solved state). The goal of each puzzle is to locate all of the images. One image is located in each cell. The cells are arranged in 7-cell ROOMS, each room having a central cell surrounded by six other cells. Each room has a thin blue outline to highlight it. Clues indicate where images are relative to each other, in rows, left-leaning diagonal columns, right-leaning diagonal columns, or rooms.

Any image can be located in any cell except for one limitation: Sherlock and Moriarty must always be located in the SAME ROOM, and there in every puzzle there is a "same room" clue indicating that fact. Puzzle sizes are from 2 to 9, which indicates the number of rooms, so the number of images ranges from 14 to 63 in steps of 7. You're provided with sufficient clues (presented graphically) to determine everything, using clear, cold, precise logic.


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