Rolf Becker

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Rolf Becker as Sherlock Holmes in Le Signe des quatre / Das Zeichen der Vier (1974)

Rolf Becker (born 31 march 1935) was a German actor who played Sherlock Holmes in one episode "Le Signe des quatre / Das Zeichen der Vier" (The Sign of Four) of the French/German TV series "Les Grands Détectives / Die großen Detektive" (The Famous Detectives) in 21 april 1974 (France) and 5 may 1974 (Germany).

Before that, in 1966, he wrote with his wife Alexandra Becker the TV movie Conan Doyle und der Fall Edalji (Conan Doyle and the Edalji Case) with Paul Klinger as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.