Seaside Skulduggery

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Seaside Skulduggery is a British 4-act reading-play written by Roy Tyzack and directed by Roy Tyzack, performed at The Fane Hall (Brentwood, Essex, UK) on 14 october 2017, starring Roy Tyzack as Sherlock Holmes.

The play is about the theft of a diamond necklace from the locked 10th floor room of the somewhat run down Swindlesem Hotel, Grunge-on-sea on England's south coast. There are a number of possible suspects for the theft: Stuttering Cyril Stapleton, a dodgy ladies underwear salesman from Cleethorpes (north of England), Molly Miggins, the hotel maid who disappears after the first act and the theft, as she has an illness and has returned home to Scotland, 'Farnsbarns', the hotel waiter, underpaid and overworked and looking for a better life and his wayward son 'Willy' who would steal anything that was not nailed down. Then there is the Reverend Maud Godbotherer, a woman of the cloth who may just have a bit of a secret past. The possibility exists, of course, that the necklace has not been stolen at all and that the owner, Lady Ermintrude Ramsbottom is merely inventing the crime to claim the insurance money! Lady Ramsbottom does not want the Police involved as she is having an affair with the man who gave her the necklace, Dickie Frimshaw, her husband's best friend! Sherlock Holmes is called in to solve the crime!


© Photos : Roy Tyzack.


  • Sherlock Holmes : Roy Tyzack
  • Cyril Stapleton : ?
  • Molly Miggins : ?
  • Farnsbarns : ?
  • Willy : ?
  • Rev. Maud Godbotherer : ?
  • Lady Ermintrude Ramsbottom : ?
  • Dickie Frimshaw : ?