Sheerluck Holmes (musical 2012)

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

Sheerluck Holmes is an Australian musical play, written by Simon Denver and Ian Dorricott and directed by Di Suthons, Cary Gardiner, Jenny Sullivan, performed by 16 students of and at Coonabarabran High School (Coonabarabran, Australia) on 3, 4 & 5 may 2012, starring Clayton McKinnon as Sheerluck Holmes and David Tighe as Dr. Watson.

Sherlock led his team, namely one bumbling Watson to solve crimes too numerous to repeat. Dartmoor Plains was indeed a shady place. Greed was the chief source of the crimes and it seemed everyone wanted a slice of the old man’s estate. When the family learnt that the old 'fossil' died penniless, another side of the family which included daughters, sisters, was shown. Then in the mix of pirates, Chinese and good Samaritans love is kindled.


© Photos : Coonabarabran High School.


  • Sheerluck Holmes : Clayton McKinnon
  • Dr. Watson : David Tighe
  • Gloria Huntington-Smythe : Caitlyn Bowden
  • Cynthia Huntington-Smythe : Jaimi-Lee Bennett
  • Lydia Huntington-Smythe : Nerida Hannah
  • Virginia Huntington- Smythe : Danielle Andrews
  • Frank Ernest : James Nash
  • Madame Dragon : Victoria Lee
  • Gwi Ling : Caitlyn McHugh
  • Chang : Annie Nash
  • Colonel Horatio Bagshott : Jack Ayoub
  • Arnold Carbunkle : Alexander Tighe
  • Aunt Clara : Katie Young
  • Pierre : Luke Edwards
  • Grumly Stiff : William Watson
  • Other parts (starlets, ghosts, policemen, Chinese, Londoners, pirates, porters and travellers)