Sherlock's Last Case (play 1988 with Rodney Beddall)

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Sherlock's Last Case (1988)

Sherlock's Last Case is an Dutch play, written by Charles Marowitz and directed by Tony Maples, produced by Pandemonia Production at the Studio Amsterdam (Netherlands) from 5 july to 31 august 1988, starring Rodney Beddall as Sherlock Holmes and Grant Coburn as Dr. Watson.

Picking up where the famous stories ended, the play centers on a death threat against Sherlock Holmes by the supposed son of his late nemesis, Professor Moriarty. Oddly enough, however, Holmes is warned of the plot by Moriarty's daughter, to whom Holmes (who turns out to be quite a ladies' man) is strongly attracted. The plot then twists and turns until Holmes finds himself imprisoned in a dank cellar.




  • Director : Tony Maples
  • Playwright : Charles Marowitz
  • Production : Jantien Hoogenhout, Esther Mapp, Lea Witmondt
  • Costumes : Frank Raven
  • Set Decoration : Frank Raven
  • Light Design : Rutger van Dijk