Sherlock's Last Case (play 2018)

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Sherlock's Last Case (2018)

Sherlock's Last Case is an Amercan play, written by Charles Marowitz and directed by Maria Aitken, performed at the Huntington Theatre (Boston MA, USA) from 28 september to 28 october 2018, starring Rufus Collins as Sherlock Holmes and Mark Zeisler as Dr. Watson. 2h10 (including a 10 min. intermission).

Picking up where the famous stories ended, the play centers on a death threat against Sherlock Holmes by the supposed son of his late nemesis, Professor Moriarty. Oddly enough, however, Holmes is warned of the plot by Moriarty's daughter, to whom Holmes (who turns out to be quite a ladies' man) is strongly attracted. The plot then twists and turns until Holmes finds himself imprisoned in a dank cellar.




© Photos : T. Charles Erickson.



  • Director : Maria Aitken
  • Playwright : Charles Marowitz
  • Scenic Design : Hugh Landwehr
  • Costume Design : Fabio Toblini
  • Lighting Design : Philip S. Rosenberg
  • Sound Design : Mic Pool
  • Production Stage Manager : Kevin Schlagle
  • Stage Manager : Alycia Marucci
  • Fight Consultant : Ted Hewlett
  • Dialect Coach : Amelia Broome