Sherlock's Secret Life (play 2020 with Tom Rosante)

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Sherlock's Secret Life (play 2020)

Sherlock's Secret Life is a British x-act play, written by Ed Lange and directed by Josephine Teresi-Wallace, performed by the Boots on the Ground Theater company at the Southampton Cultural Center (Southampton, UK) from 6 to 22 march 2020 (18 performances) and the play was rebooted from 17 september to 10 october 2021, starring Tom Rosante as Sherlock Holmes and Daniel Becker as Dr. Watson.

The play begins with an aging Doctor Watson who's finally decided to tell the shocking story of his friend and colleague's very first case. This is a tale of Sherlock Holmes never heard before, filled with intrigue, mystery and love, not to mention lots of belly laughs as Holmes and Watson take on their first case together trying to solve the mystery of a beautiful young woman who's lost her memory. All the while facing the man who will become Sherlock's arch-enemy, Professor Moriarty.


© Photos : Dane Dupuis / Boots on the Ground Theater company.