Sherlock, El Misterio del Guante Rojo

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Sherlock, El Misterio del Guante Rojo (2017)

Sherlock, El Misterio del Guante Rojo (Sherlock, The Mystery of the Red Glove) is an Argentinian musical play written by Pepe Cibrián Campoy and choreographed by Bárbara Majule, performed at the Teatro Ludé (Buenos Aires, Argentina) on 18 august 2017, starring Nicolás Pérez Costa as Sherlock Holmes and Joaquín Junco as Dr. Watson.

The musical tells the "delirious" adventure of the Countess Wanda, beautiful and enigmatic woman, who is persecuted by a sect guided by the priestess Shiva and her acolyte for being suspicious of having in his power the red glove that is essential for a particular spell that happens that night, since possessing it would give to whoever had, eternity. But Wanda's intentions seem to be different and that's why she comes to Sherlock's office and her assistant Watson for help. There they will embark on an adventure where nothing is as it seems.




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  • Playwright : Pepe Cibrián Campoy
  • Music : Pablo Flores Torres
  • Choreography : Bárbara Majule
  • Vocal Direction / Choral Arrangements : Emilio Yapor
  • Costume Design : Gustavo Alderete
  • Making of Light Artifacts : Samir Carrillo
  • Content Development : Pamela Davalos
  • Photography : Nacho Lunadei
  • Graphic Design : Fernando Eiras
  • General Assistant : Cindy Yu / Matías Litvak
  • Assistance of Direction : Fernando Bottero
  • Executive Production : Pato Rébora
  • General Coordination : Nicolás Pérez Costa
  • Musical Composition : Pablo Torres
  • Lighting and General Direction : Pepe Cibrián Campoy