Sherlock: Die Braut Des Grauens (play 2018)

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Sherlock: Die Braut Des Grauens (Sherlock: The Abominable Bride) is a German play, written by Abi Morgan and directed by Ethery Inasaridse, performed by students of the TheatergruppeDerksen at the Derksen Gymnasium (München, Germany) on 4 an 5 july 2018, starring Leonid Daberto as Sherlock Holmes and Ferdinand Bleyer as Dr. Watson.

The play is an adaptation of the episode The Abominable Bride of the BBC TV series Sherlock (2016).


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  • Sherlock Holmes : Leonid Daberto
  • Dr. Watson : Ferdinand Bleyer
  • The Bride : Awi Phitsanu
  • Other actors : Emma Golly, Annemarie Richter, Lenni Strupp, Isabella Kobal, Philipp Feil (3 roles), Kira Neitzel, Jule

Sigrist, Judith Baum, Maximiliane Spemann