Sherlock Grabouille

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Grabouillon series

Sherlock Grabouille is the 17th episode of season 2 of the French TV cartoon series Grabouillon directed by Jean-Luc François and produced by France 5 and Blue Spirit Animation. Aired in 2008. 6 minutes.

The cartoon is adapted from the comic book "Grabouillon" by Alexis Nesme (Delcourt Editions).

In this episode, Grabouillon, (the dog) is investigating with Bagou (the cat) on the disappearance of their bowls. There is nothing sherlockian but the title.




  • Grabouillon : Michel Elias
  • Mole : Sophie Deschaumes
  • Bagou Ragout : Martial Le Minoux
  • Basile : Brigitte Guedj
  • Pétunia : Sandrine Le Berre


  • Director : Jean-Luc François
  • Screenplay : Philippe Poirier, Patrick Regnard, Alexis Nesme (comics)
  • Writing direction : Anne-Marie Meissonnier, Valérie Seban
  • Music : Dominique Rossi
  • Story-Board : Sandra Derval, Aymeric Gendre, Franck Bonnet, Christian Choquet, Paul Leluc
  • Graphic Research : Igor David, Bernard Ling
  • Director Assistants : Oliver Carval, Paul Leluc
  • Animation : Samuel Feuillade, Blue Spirit Studio
  • Film Editor : Emmanuel De Miranda
  • Technical Coordinator : Pascal Palard
  • Sound : Piste Rouge