Sherlock Holmes: Det Vita Hjärtat

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Sherlock Holmes: Det Vita Hjärtat (2019)

Sherlock Holmes: Det Vita Hjärtat (Sherlock Holmes: The White Heart) is a Swedish play, written by Joakim Sten and directed by Carolina Frände, performed at the Kulturhuset Stadsteatern (Skärholmen, Sweden) from 22 february to 10 may 2019, starring Maria Sundbom as Sherlock Holmes and Christopher Lehmann as Dr. Watson. 2h30 (with intermission).

Detective Sherlock Holmes gets a late night unexpected visit. The man who comes to 221B Baker Steet is a former slave who has taken his liberty and now works in the trade of rubber, the so-called black gold, between England and Congo. He has received a package of an unpleasant content delivered to him and is now seeking help because he feels threatened to life. Sherlock embarks on the case with enthusiasm and, along with his assistant Watson, goes out into the London Mound to find out the mystery of the white heart.


© Photos : Markus Gårder.



  • Director : Carolina Frände
  • Playwright : Joakim Sten
  • Scenography : Charlotta Nylund
  • Lighting Design : Karl Svensson
  • Sound Design : Teodor Sydbom Kourkoulis
  • Make Up : Johanna Ruben
  • Costume : Charlotta Nylund
  • Projections : Ossian Melin
  • Props : Tora Kirchmeier
  • Script : Fredrik Apollo Asplund
  • Music : Per Öhagen