Sherlock Holmes: Hakushaku Reijo Yukai Jiken

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Sherlock Holmes: Hakushaku Reijo Yukai Jiken (NES)

Sherlock Holmes: Hakushaku Reijo Yukai Jiken is a platform video game developed and published by Towa Chiki in 1986 on NES (Japan).

Editor's description

The great detective Sherlock Holmes has another case to solve. This time the case involves trying to solve the mystery of the kidnapped countess.

Holmes has to travel all over Great Britain by train so he can find clues. He first searches the cities looking for locations he can investigate more thoroughly. Once he finds the locations, such as parks, sewers, or houses, the game switches to a side-scrolling action game. In these areas clues and items can be found either laying around or by interrogating hostile thugs. Dealing with the thugs will earn Holmes money and also slowly build up a percentage that he will have to get to one hundred percent in order to finish the game.

Holmes can kick enemies (and also innocent citizens who happen to cough up some money too) as a means of offense. He can also acquire weapons such as a knife or a gun as additional offensive options. Holmes can also collect several inventory items like a magnifying glass, a lamp, keys, and medicine bottles to assist him along the way. Holmes has to be careful not to fall into a pit, be shot or even be touched too many times, or else this case will remain forever unsolved. (