Sherlock Holmes: The Final Curtain

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Sherlock Holmes: The Final Curtain (2018)

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Curtain is a 2-act British play, written by Simon Reade and directed by David Grindley, produced by Theatre Royal Bath Productions and Kenny Wax Ltd., performed at the Theatre Royal (Bath, UK) from 25 april to 5 may 2018 and on tour, starring Robert Powell as Sherlock Holmes and Liza Goddard as Mary Watson. 95 minutes (+20 minutes interval).

Sherlock Holmes lives in retirement on the South Coast. He keeps bees, occasionally casts his fly fishing rod, even plays his Stradivarius when the rheumatism allows. All too aware that he’s older and slower, he’s concerned that he might have lost his touch, paranoid that he is an easy target for his enemies. There have been so many over the years. He never truly believed Moriarty – his arch nemesis – died at the Reichenbach Falls. So when Mary Watson (wife of his former associate Dr John Watson) tracks him down, telling him she has seen her long-dead son, James, through the window of 221B Baker Street, apparently alive and well, Holmes is determined to solve the mystery and confront his own demons at the same time.


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  • Director : David Grindley
  • Playwright : Simon Reade
  • Designer : Jonathan Tensom
  • Lighting : Jason Taylor
  • Sound : Gregory Clarke
  • Magic Consultant : John Bulleid
  • Casting Director : Ginny Schiller



  • 25 april - 5 may Theatre Royal Bath (Bath, UK)
  • 8-12 may : Theatre Royal (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK)
  • 14-19 may : Rose Theatre (Kingston, UK)
  • 21-26 may : Malvern Theatres (Malvern, UK)
  • 28 may - 2 june : King's Theatre (Edinburgh, UK)
  • 4-9 june : Theatre Royal (Nottingham, UK)
  • 11-16 june : Oxford Playhouse (Oxford, UK)
  • 18-23 june : Yvonne Arnaud Theatre (Guilford, UK)
  • 25-30 june : New Theatre (Cardiff, UK)
  • 2-7 july : Leicester Curve (Leicester, UK)
  • 9-14 july : Cambridge Arts Theatre (Cambridge, UK)
  • 16-21 july : Everyman (Cheltenham, UK)
  • 23-28 july : Opera House (Manchester, UK)