Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Memoir

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Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Memoir (2018)

Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Memoir is an Canadian play, written and directed by Jamey Coles, performed by the students of the Prairie Christian Academy at the Parable Place Theatre (Three Hills, Alberta, Canada) from 6 to 8 june 2018, starring Caleb Nott as Sherlock Holmes and Max Harback as Dr. Watson.

Lestrade summons Holmes to the body of a murdered Edinburgh plain clothes police officer. The Baker Street Irregulars have a new female leader as Wiggins steps aside. Dr. Watson reveals to a new female officer his wife had left him during Holmes' hiatus. What is the story behind Holmes' latest client Rathbone? Where has Mary Watson gone? Who has replaced the deceased Moriarty?


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© Photos : Prairie Christian Academy.


  • Sherlock Holmes : Caleb Nott
  • Dr. Watson : Max Harback
  • Other actors : Skye Williams, Aedan Krohn, Samantha Buchwitz, Emma James, Bethany Cullum, Morgan Kraaikamp, Anna Reed, Johanna Rufino, Ella Urumedji, Virginia Mann, Isabella Penner, Mika Calverly, Hayden Eyjolfson, Toyin Awosanya and Rocky Chung.


  • Director : Jamey Coles
  • Co-Director : Jordana Reed
  • Playwright : Jamey Coles
  • Set Design : Olivia Rivers
  • Props : Helena Reed
  • Costumes : Helena Reed
  • Acting Coach : Aidan Gillespie
  • Makeup : Tiannna Pelzer
  • Backstage Help : Noah Branson